Temperature Controllers, Transmitters, Recorders & Displays

Compact digital read-outs, temperature controllers and electronic temperature transmitters matched to our range of thermocouple, platinum and resistance sensors...

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Thermometers are for simple indication of temperature and can be hand held devices or mounted into panels.

Hand held units are usually made to match type K thermocouples while panle mount devices are available for a range of sensor types.

Temperature Controllers

Controllers are for regulating the temperature of a process and come in basic 'on/off' form or with more sophisticated control algorithms and profile control generators. 

Some temperature controllers run only heating systems, others both heating and cooling.

Temperature Transmitters

Transmitters convert the low level signals from thermocouples and platinum resistance sensors into robust 4-20mA loop signals for transmission over longer distances.

Digital temperature transmitters compatible with Fieldbus and other computer based systems are also available.

Temperature Recorders

For data acquistion and storage of temperature measurements over time.  We have both paper based and electronic recorders.