Temperature Sensors

We can supply a wide range of temperature sensors covering temperature ranges from -200°C to over 1500°C.  The different technologies have their strengths and weaknesses...


Mineral Insulated sensors are used in very high or low temperatures or in high vibration applications. With stainless steel sheaths 304, 321, 316 they suit up to 800°C, and with 310, Inconel and Nicrobel/Pyrosil sheaths the range can be extended up to 1300°C.
Thermocouple types J, K, T and N are the most common.

Fabricated sensors are usually made with 316 stainlass steel and are a lower cost alternative to Mineral Insulated.
Thermocouple types: J, K, T, and N.

High Temperature sensors are made with ceramic insulation sheaths and platinum based conductors. 
Thermocouple types  R, S and B.

Platinum Resistance

Mineral Insulated Platinum Resistance sensors have a range from -200/600°C and are good in most applications including high vibration.

Fabricated Platinum Resistance sensors offer a more cost effective option with less operating range.  Common names include RTD, PT1000 and PRT.


Thermistors offer a low cost option for sensing temperature but with limited range. Options include both positive and negative temperature coefficients (PTC/NTC) with many resistance curves available, eg. 10KΩ at 25°C.

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